The most modern City Park is being built with the use of state-of-the-art technology in accordance with 2021 standards and the BREEAM certificate.



Localisation of Ideal City Park

Ideal City Park is located in the Warsaw logistics area; it takes only 12 minutes to get there from Chopin Airport and 18 minutes to get there from the city centre. Ideal City Park is also attractive in terms of service charges, which was possible thanks to its location, i.e. right next to the Warsaw border (Expressway S2 / Aleja POW). The location of Ideal Idea City Park offers easy access from the Warsaw ring road and convenient commuting by public transport. Additionally, Ideal Idea provides a bus to all its tenants which runs regularly to the Park & Ride parking in al. Krakowska and to the nearest WKD (Warsaw Commuter Railway) stop.


What distinguishes Ideal Idea City Park from other city parks?





  • The park is located on the border of the first and second Warsaw zones, and while rents are closer to those of the second zone, the standard is higher than in any previous city park.
  • The Park’s building is being constructed according to restrictive insulation standards which will come into force in 2021, although the building itself will be commissioned in September 2019. As a result, heat consumption will be 30-35% lower than in previous city parks which were commissioned in 2017 and built from the best available materials and in accordance with the then valid standards.
  • The fact that urban gas is used for heating, and not liquid gas (which is frequently used even in city parks), also leads to larger savings.
  • Automatic reduction of power consumption by air handling units after working hours.
  • External LED lighting of manoeuvring areas, roads, indoor halls and offices, which allows to save about 30%-50% of energy compared to traditional lighting.
  • Significantly lower service charges (by about 20%) compared to the existing city parks in the vicinity.


  • Canteen for employees with fresh food and large viewing terrace, additionally there is an open kitchen.
  • The gym with modern TechnoGym equipment is open 24/7.
  • Large conference multimedia room (available to the tenants for a fee).
  • Charging station for electric cars.
  • Electric panels reducing the City Park’s energy consumption.
  • Access to the City Park by 20-person buses running all day every 10 minutes from the Park & Drive parking in Al. Krakowska, where bus and tram loops are located, despite the fact that at ul. Szyszkowa there is a bus stop (600 metres away from the City Park).


Ideal Idea City Park is located on the Warsaw-Raszyn border on the Raszyn side at ul. Słowikowskiego in the business park area, directly by the southern Warsaw ring road, S2. Ideal Idea City Park is well visible from the ring road, which constitutes an advantage when placing advertisements on buildings.

Convenient access by public transport, the bus stop is located at ul. Szyszkowa 600 metres away from the City Park. Additionally, Ideal Idea City Park provides a bus to all its tenants which runs every 10 minutes to the bus and tram loop next to the Park & Ride parking in al. Krakowska and to the nearest WKD (Warsaw Commuter Railway) stop – Salomea.

The centre of Warsaw (Palace of Culture and Science) is only 11 km away, you can get there in 22 minutes even during rush hour.

Therefore, Ideal Idea City Park is a new product because it is located on the border of two Warsaw zones, hence it is cheaper than other city parks in Warsaw as well as offers lower service charges and rents, and yet doesn’t come with the communication drawbacks of typical second zone city parks.



  • Ideal Idea City Park has the highest standard of completion of all the parks built so far;
  • raised floors,
  • each room is air-conditioned,
  • energy-efficient ventilation and air-conditioning equipment,
  • 7 metres-high glazed aluminium door,
  • the building’s façade has massive glazings typical for A-class office buildings,
  • KONE elevators,
  • triple-glazed insulated windows,
  • custom office arrangement and colours.

Project examples:

Class A standard:

  • Warehouse height 10 m.
  • Each storage module comes with 1 gateway from level “0” and 1 hydraulic dock for HGVs.
  • Ideal Idea meets building insulation standards, thanks to which the guaranteed temperature range inside the warehouse is 16-25 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
  • The temperature inside the office and the warehouse is set individually by the tenants. Because each module is equipped with its own heat, electricity and water consumption meter, the tenants are able to fully control the costs of utilities.
  • The Ideal Idea architectural team can arrange any type of space to your liking.
  • Office modules are adjacent to the warehouse and are accessible from the ground floor.
  • The warehouse floor bearing capacity is 5 T / m2.
  • There are no columns in single modules.